Friday, October 1, 2010

I made a list of all the good things about having a bald head-
  Here is a list of some of them (feel free to add some)-
   * bald is the new black
   * Bruce Willis looks hot bald, and so can I (surely?)
   * I truly are a 'water-saver' with the shortest showers in history
   * scarfs make me look feminine and the ethnic headbands make me look a little like a "traveller" from a far of place
   * strangers smile at me for no reason, kind of like they do at Christmas time when the festive spirit infects everyone
   * I am exempt from judgment on my apperance (at least I hope I am?)
   * it allows me to concentrate on inner beauty, something I think we could all do more of
   * other cancer baldy's spot me a mile away and we sometimes spark up random conversatons like old friends

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