Saturday, September 4, 2010

There's Something In My Eye

  Tell me if you feel it to? Do you feel that inherant sadness weighing us down as we walk through each day. Tell me if you feel it to? Like you're simply waiting for cancer to revisit and finish what it's begun; finish the job of ending you?
  I feel it. Every damn day.
  Makes me angry- like clench my teeth, ball my fists and can't sit still angry.
  Makes me sad - like chest aching, eyes swollen shut sad.
  Makes me think - like those thoughts that you cannot possibly stay grounded during, no matter how much you try.

  Why did it stop here? Why did it leave me half finished? What was I to learn from this that I could not have possibly learnt in another manner?

  Forgive me Lord, forgive my weakness.

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